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Planned Trips


Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we are currently placing several trips on hold apart from those we feel confident about.

As conditions improve we will introduce trips once we can be assured of dates to run them.

A Skills sharing weekend based at East Warburton.

Skills sharing will cover the whole range of basic 4x4ing skills including plugging and changing tyres, basic “on-track” maintenance, basic tool kit and spares, recovery techniques including towing, snatching and winching.

Proposed Trip: Details to be provided in due course. 

This has become an annual trip where the Club manages the main Aid Station and Overnight Hut for the 100km run and trek organized to raise money to support autism services in the Mansfield area.  The trip involves getting to Lovicks Hut by Thursday night to be ready to receive the first runners by Friday mid-morning.  Any runners/trekkers who arrive later than 2.00pm are required to stay overnight.  Our duties are to track the arrival and departure of runners, radio progress reports to HQ; top up water and food supplies and check the competitor’s general health condition.  We also help put up tents and cook the evening meal for those staying.  Saturday is an early start to get the runners breakfast and on the track by 7.00am.  From Saturday lunchtime, our involvement is over and the rest of the weekend is ours to enjoy with some 4x4 touring. No campers and no dogs permitted on this trip.  Trip standard is “medium”.

This trip is an ideal introduction to the Victorian High Country for new members and will include a variety of tracks - mostly easy - with some verging on Medium. There will also be a few easy river crossings. This is a touring event stopping overnight at different locations to visit a number of iconic locations in the High Country where we will learn about the places and people that were among the early explorers and settlers. Plus: we will discover the mysterious connection with the Mornington Peninsula.